Quality Management sysytem of my company has successfully passed the on-site audit through authenticating by panel of experts working in China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM, Shandong Companies). It signified that Yantai Blue Whale Maintenance Welding Co., Ltd has improved dramatically in the level of quality management. Panel of experts examined every department carefully, made a detailed audit of various of documents and files, recorded management, conduct of quality system documents, and continous improvement product quality. Panel of experts praised highly of company quality system’s conformance, adequacy and validity, acknowledged the effort of implementing quality system standard. Meanwhile, they also gave some suggestions for improving in the future.
The main leaders of my company attended the first meeting. Our chief director, Chen dianshuang, extended our warmest welcome to the auditors on behalf of all staff. Mr. Chen also pointed out we would update external capacity and qualification by virtue of this quality autentication, and considered this on-site audit as a extremely good study opportunity. Mr. Chen expressed his hope that panel of auditors would persist the standard strictly and offer valuable advice. We would take rectification measures to correct the non-conformance items.
With the participation and tireless efforts of all staff, in the tense but order on-site audit, saff of Blue Whale Company has behaved themselves very well and obtained the recognization of panel of experts.
Finally, Mr. Chen, on behalf of company, expressed deep gratitude to panel of experts for their hard work. At the same time, we will rectify the problems timely and effectively. Passing authentication is not our ultimate aim, our company will conduct the spirit of ISO 9001:2008 version as before to fabricate high-quality products and supply first-class service.


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